Achieving Better Results

InterMed provides significant savings through design and support processes that are below established fee schedules.
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InterMed Cost Containment Services

It's indisputable. When you do the right thing
you're going to have a positive outcome.

Beyond the all-important tasks of delivering superior services and significantly lower managed care costs, the impact of our work also can be measured by other high value factors: employees returning to work quicker; healthier and happier employees; improved employee morale as a result of the employee's managed care experience.

We have found that when our service providers are balanced and happy themselves, they create a sense of satisfaction that results in decreased litigation situations. It all adds up to employees knowing and feeling that their employer really does care about them and their future health and performance.

Lower costs for medical treatments and services equals savings to employers.

At InterMed, we save on medical bills at a rate commensurate with the national average. InterMed's network management has achieved significantly higher than industry average penetration from its in-network providers and InterMed's use of the HCO/MCO/MPN is also substantially above the industry average. InterMed is able to provide significant savings to its clients through design and support processes that enable our PPO network to provide savings that are below established fee schedules. Further, InterMed's agreement with its Diagnostic Network providers includes an average negotiated savings that's substantially below the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS).