Interpreters On Call

Interpreters on Call improves language translation for the Workers' Compensation industry.
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The art of communication begins with understanding.

Interpreters on Call was developed to make sure that an injured worker can communicate fully and effectively his or her health care needs and issues. This service is provided through professional interpreters delivering translation solutions in more than 130 languages and dialects. Our Interpreters on Call translators are supremely qualified, and certified by the American Translators Association.

Communicating clearly is a challenge
even when everyone speaks the same language.

Translation and interpretation services are used primarily for doctor visits, interviews and discussions with claims personnel and other professionals, and for support with legal and business documents. Even without a language barrier, these situations can be challenging and sensitive at best. Our interpreters have the lingual expertise to assist in the resolution of Workers' Compensation claims by reducing the risk of misinterpretation.