InterMed Cost Containment Services

InterMed’s Telecare Anywhere (TCA) Program is a telemedicine program that incorporates technology, clinical support and a network of healthcare providers specifically selected to provide care at a moment’s notice using wireless technology. The program is designed to treat a wide variety of workers’ compensation injuries using evidence based medicine and Medical Treatment Utilization Review Guides (MTUS), facilitate injury assessment, opportunity to provide quicker access to healthcare providers and fosters better outcomes. InterMed’s TCA Program combines telemedicine and intake process to facilitate claim reporting and benefit delivery. Intake is performed by a licensed RN.

Telemedicine connects patients to specifically selected medical providers who conduct injury assessment and provide guidance remotely using a secure HIPAA-compliant medical videoconferencing system or wireless technology such as video chat, face time and other internet-enabled devices. This system allows patients to access care from board-certified specialists trained in evidence-based medicine and MTUS guidelines regardless of geographic limitations. Telemedicine has been clinically proven to help workers recover faster and more reliably, while helping doctors treat workers more effectively and efficiently.

The program is intended to ensure that injured workers are directed to the right care at the right time. InterMed’s TCA program is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and throughout the year including holidays.