Transportation Network

InterMed ensures continuity of quality care by offering the most reliable transportation services in the industry.
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InterMed Cost Containment Services

We provide expedient,
reliable transportation for patients.

InterMed's network is committed to transporting injured workers where they need to go and provides services seven days a week, 24 hours a day based on individual needs. The Transportation Coordinators function as InterMed's primary point of contact. They're dedicated to coordinating the various details, arranging appointments and making sure the right transportation requests are in order for each injured worker.

Being responsive and
reliable go hand-in-hand.

InterMed ensures continuity of quality care by offering clients the most reliable transportation service providers in the industry. In addition, Transportation Coordinators manage the tasks of verifying scheduling, and provide continuing, systematic communications between clients, employees and providers. Typically, the services are provided at or below customary rates.