InterMed Cost Containment Services

InterMed’s Triage Program is offered to our clients who require collaboration in assessing treatment options for their employees as well as to address traumatic injuries which, when not immediately addressed, can become costly.

Often, emergency care treatment can be very expensive and patients end up waiting a very long period of time in the emergency room while others with more immediate needs are treated. Our Nurse Triage program provides additional assistance to our clients by having a trained and licensed Registered Nurse to assist in assessing treatment options immediately after an injury. This not only helps the client provide prompt and effective care, but will also help in reducing their costs.

The Triage Nurse is trained to obtain a telephonic assessment and evaluate the current complaints against standard procedures developed out of evidence based medicine practice guidelines. The primary goal is to ensure that the injured worker seeks treatment at the right time, with the right level of care.

Should a more serious, traumatic injury occur; we have the ability to alert a Claims Professional team to introduce the right resources based on the needs; such as an immediate investigation with the client, emergency care, and/or introduction of other specialists that can assist with mitigating any risks.